LiuGong retains position as top whell loader provider in Thailand

Since establishing itself in the Thai marketplace in 2011, LiuGong has sold 1,500 wheel loaders to make the company one of the top wheel loader providers in that country.

LiuGong has retained its market leader position as Thailand’s top wheel loader provider for the third consecutive year. The manufacturing juggernaut for extreme-duty equipment entered the Thai market in 2011 and sold an impressive 1,500 wheel loaders in a short span of three years.

President of LiuGong Machinery Asia Pacific Chen Hao attributed the success to the brand’s consistent focus in understanding the wheel loader industry’s needs and delivering products that are innovative, reliable and durable. He says, “Our achievement in the market comes from our strong dominance, as we have won the trust of our customers by providing quality and durable equipment, thereby boosting their profitability.

“We would like to express gratitude to our clients who have trusted and given us their support. We are confident that we will exceed our clients’ expectations in the years to come.”

LiuGong currently owns one of the largest and most efficient wheel factories worldwide, with all LiuGong products certified with ISO 9000 standards. Renowned for its excellence in research & development and manufacturing, the wheel loader giant customizes each machine to customers’ needs and ensures the seamless delivery of excellent wheel loaders by assembling the equipment with quality-tested and inspected components.

The company’s success is also largely due to word of mouth from current customers. LiuGong’s modern facilities recently impressed 95 clients who visited the factory, which operates on SAP production platforms and adheres to the Six Sigma quality programs.

Owner of a Thai rice mill, Pairat Klinsukhonthip, shared on his choice of equipment. “I own seven LiuGong machines, of which six are wheel loaders. Everyday, each wheel loader helps me move 200 to 300 tons of rice, which is a laborious task made effortless with LiuGong equipment. I am very happy that LiuGong’s equipment is extremely reliable and has never broken down, as that would affect my overall productivity and bottom line. I certainly plan to purchase more LiuGong machines in the future.”