LiuGong signs new dealer, enters French market

LiuGong recently held a demo event on the occasion of signing its new dealer, DiviMat, and entering the French market.

LiuGong, the premier Chinese construction machine manufacturer, officially entered the French market in October 2015 and signed its new dealer DiviMat, as well as introduced “Value for Money (VfM)” machines to French customers at a demo event.

The demo event took place in Le Grand Quevilly, outside of Rouen, France, October 15 to 17, and a total of nine machines were displayed including LiuGong excavators: CLG904D, CLG906D, CLG908D, CLG915D, CLG922E, CLG925E; LiuGong wheel loaders: CLG816G, CLG856H and a Dressta bulldozer, the TD-15R. All the machines meet EU Stage IV emission regulations and represent LiuGong’s advanced R&D levels and its core brand values of “Control, Intuitive Operation and Extreme Duty Capabilities.”

During the demo days, DiviMat’s refurbished head office and workshop were opened to the public, meanwhile all customers and visitors watched the demonstration of LiuGong machines in the demo site nearby which is also an operating recycling area. There, operators tested LiuGong equipment in actual working conditions and checked out how LiuGong’s tough equipment could be easily operated and maintained.

LiuGong is a very strong brand in China and in more than 130 countries around the world. What LiuGong stands for is clear: robust equipment that is easy to operate and maintain. LiuGong gets the job done.

Also, LiuGong has committed to meet the application needs of local customers in any working conditions and proven flexible to be very close to the market.

“We are introducing a new value proposition on a pretty saturated market, and that hasn’t happened in France for decades. Robustly establishing the brand positioning will be crucial,” says Xiao, President of LiuGong Europe. “If we manage to establish our core brand values, and at the same time demonstrate that our words are supported by facts, and that this is true for all models, we will have done a great job, paving the way for long term success.”

DiviMat, LiuGong’s new dealer in France, was just formed early in July 2015. The company is founded by two experienced people with very different backgrounds: The president has a long experience as a finance executive in a large international marketing company while the general manager offers 40 years’ experience in LiuGong’s targeted market. After long-term conversation and marketing research they both hold strong prospects for LiuGong’s success in the French market.

“We started to know LiuGong in 2012, and we believe that we have seized a real and unmet market opportunity: launching a new brand with a clear core proposition which makes it unique in France. Of course, the French market is saturated, but no other brand stands as clearly as LiuGong of 'value for money' – this is an unmet proposition, and this is a huge opportunity. VfM is and will always be a major market segment,” says Michel Eichwald, President of DiviMat.

LiuGong’s commitment to the European market has always been strong and clear. Early in 2010, LiuGong opened its European Subsidiary and moved to the current location in Almere, Netherlands in 2012 to enlarge its facilities. The head office has served as a sales hub, and training and parts distribution center, all to provide convenient and fast service to the customers and give support to its dealers in the region. LiuGong’s commitment to the French market and the dealer is carried out by its very strong presence: six people including highly qualified engineers, will help the local dealer in terms of training, technical and marketing advice, and financial support.

It must be clear that LiuGong Europe and DiviMat operate as respected partners because they both share the same values and goals. “LiuGong Europe anticipates great success for DiviMat and the path to that success is mutual understanding and close cooperation and we look forward to a long and prosperous future,” Xiao concludes.

With the partnership spirit and operating mode of LiuGong and DiviMat, there is no doubt it will be a great success for both in this market.