MicroLok AO

Birchwood Technologies' MicroLok AO provides corrosion protection for iron and steel components.

Microlokao 10058623

Manufacturers can now finish iron and steel components with MicroLok AO, a low temperature, environmentally friendly process that serves as a low-cost replacement for polluting cold blackening from Birchwood Technologies.

  • Forms a non-toxic, aluminum oxide conversion coating that is 1.5 microns thick
  • Silver/black in color
  • Tightly adherent to the metal surface
  • When sealed with a rust preventive, the finish provides robust corrosion protection that is better than cold blackening at half the cost, without undesirable pollution hazards
  • Avoids the use of EPA regulated (copper & selenium) chemicals
  • Contains no regulated chemicals
  • Anti-galling protection to aid in assembly and start-up
  • Temperature stability up to 1,400 F
  • Safe 120-140 F operation with no boiling or splattering
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