TuffGrip 11-90 coating

Rhino Linings offers TuffGrip 11-90, a hybrid polyurea elastomeric coating with improved impact resistance.

Ambulanz0 10176489

Rhino Linings Corporation offers TuffGrip 11-90, a spray-applied hybrid polyurea elastomeric coating with improved toughness, impact resistance and a non-skid properties.

  • Both 1:1 and 2:1 mix ratio formulations
  • Offers slip resistance on horizontal surfaces, as well as abrasion, impact and corrosion protection for steel, iron and other metal surfaces
  • Popular for truck beds, will also protect tanks, wheel wells, interior floors, cabinets, dashboards
  • Ideal for farm equipment, construction vehicles
  • 100% solids with no VOCs, solvents or coal tars
  • Exothermic, rapid curing, hybrid polyurea coating
  • Vary thickness from 1/16 in. (62.5 mils/1.5mm) up to unlimited thickness in a single coat multi-pass application
  • 1,500 psi tensile strength



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