Corsol WB Corrosion Protection System

PRP Industries' Corsol WB Corrosion Protection is a metal treatment system which protects steel from the corrosive effects of chemical chlorides, rock chipping and extreme temperatures.

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Corsol WB Corrosion Protection from PRP Industries is a complete metal treatment system that protects steel from the corrosive effects of magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, rock chipping, acid rain and extreme temperatures. 

  • Offers an alternative to hot dipped galvanizing
  • Provides exceptional performance, lower weight and cost
  • Creates satin black finish that prevents corrosion from degrading metal components
  • Especially beneficial for use on structural steel that requires high corrosion- and chip-resistance 
  • Well suited for haulers who transport through snow melting agents in the Midwest or salty conditions along the coastal regions, where the chemicals have become increasingly corrosive and damaging to trailers
  • Components coated with Corsol and used in salty regions have been shown to reach 15 years of age with little or no deterioration
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