PPG SPECTRACRON Polyester Urethane Mid-Gloss Black Liquid Topcoat

The SPECTRACRON mid-gloss black liquid topcoat is capable of retaining color and gloss no matter the conditions of the environment in which it's applied.

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business has introduced SPECTRACRON polyester urethane (SPU) coating, a mid-gloss black liquid two component (2K) topcoat.

  • Maintains and controls color and gloss on metal finishes 
  • Retains color and gloss regardless of shifting temperature, humidity and application conditions
  • Consistently meets and maintains 55 to 65 units of gloss at 60-degree gloss in a variety of conditions
  • Provides wide, user-friendly application windows when applied according to specifications
  • Improves hiding
  • Offers sag control and “solvent-pop” resistance
  • Surpasses some of the highest OEM specifications for weathering and durability in the HDE market
  • Enables users to paint units using less coating volume than competitive products
  • Able to meet the appearance and performance demands of numerous applications 


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