Daubert Chemical Nox-Rust 1290HP Wax-Based Coating

Daubert Chemical's Nox-Rust 1290HP wax-based coating has been shown to provide up to 50% longer corrosion resistance, and will be exhibited at the SAE 2015 World Congress.

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Daubert Chemical introduces its Nox-Rust 1290HP wax-based coating which has been reformulated to include a nanoscale chemical additive. 

  • Wax-based design enables protection from salt, humidity, dirt and debris
  • Provides up to 50% longer corrosion resistance than previous products as shown during cyclic corrosion lab test procedures following SAE J2334 standards 
  • Nanoscale chemical additive complements original molecular makeup and deposits a protective barrier that interferes with corrosion mechanisms
  • Larger and smaller molecules of nanoscale additive fit tightly together like layers of marbles, enabling it to adhere tightly to the surface, and even if the coatings’ outer layers are dislodged, the foundational layer continues to suppress the oxidation process
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and requires less surface preparation than other anti-corrosive coating technologies
  • Exhibits superior adhesion to welds and demonstrates resilience even when exposed to post-coating assembly processes using welds or mechanical fasteners like screws and bolts
  • Protection capabilities allow engineers to have greater flexibility when choosing materials and construction methods
  • Enables thinner, higher-alloy steel to last much longer and welded areas are far better protected
  • Complete submersion to apply coating offers greater coverage to ensure optimum levels of corrosion protection of components including I-beam, C-channel and tubular steel structural components 
  • Can be applied to some previously coated substrates and interacts well with E-coated, powder-coated and liquid-coated steel
  • Features pliability and self-healing characteristics that maintain a residual anti-corrosive barrier in final assembly scenarios, where coating abrasion is often inevitable
  • Available in the form of a touch-up solution that can be applied to areas where a component’s coating has been compromised in the assembly process
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