Carbodeon uDiamond NanoDiamond Additive

Carbodeon's uDiamond NanoDiamond additive for fluoropolymer coatings doubles wear resistance and can be used at low concentrations to help reduce costs.

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Carbodeon has developed an additive for fluoropolymer coatings, based on its uDiamond NanoDiamond technology.

  • Targeted for solvent-based coatings used across multiple industries including automotive, aerospace and industrial
  • Doubles wear resistance of standard fluoropolymer coatings without making them abrasive, and maintains or improves existing low friction properties 
  • Consists of diamond particles smaller than 10 nanometres in size 
  • Features newly designed surface chemistry to suit fluoropolymer materials
  • Surface chemistry enables particles to disperse into the coatings without becoming agglomerated, resulting in an extremely high diamond surface area that is often elusive in nano-formulations
  • Additive is capable of working at very low concentrations, reducing its cost and making NanoDiamond applicable to a far greater market spectrum
  • Particles are dispersed in a solvent which is compatible with all major solvent-borne fluoropolymer systems


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