PPG expands distribution of ECK corrosion prevention coatings

Through an agreement with Van Nay LLC, PPG will now offer Van Nay's full line of Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol products.

PPG Commercial Coatings has announced an agreement with Van Nay LLC, to expand the line of Van Nay’s ECK corrosion prevention products it distributes. PPG will now offer a full line of ECK products including quart and aerosol versions along with the squeeze tubes it has been distributing.

“We are pleased to add the quart and aerosol products to our already successful ECK squeeze tubes,” says J. J. Wirth, PPG Commercial Brand Manager, Fleet Segments, USCA. “ECK is a very effective safeguard against corrosion. By providing a full line of ECK products to PPG customers, I believe we will enhance their success with additional options to prevent corrosion.”

ECK (Electrolysis Corrosion Kontrol), developed by Van Nay, is a patented compound that provides a cost-effective way to avoid expensive repairs caused by dissimilar metal corrosion. Aluminum products assembled with stainless steel fasteners are naturally corrosive. Applying the zinc-rich ECK coating prevents the electrolytic reaction. By forming a long-lasting, moisture-resistant barrier between dissimilar metals, ECK outperforms traditional methods of corrosion prevention such as the use of silicone-based products and plastic insulating tape applications. ECK can also be used to prevent bolts and fasteners from galling and seizing. ECK is ideal for heavy-duty truck bodies, military vehicles, trailers, agricultural and construction equipment and a variety of other metallic applications.

“Our working relationship with PPG Commercial Coatings has been outstanding,” says Richard Nay Sr., Van Nay President. “We look forward to our combined resources bringing a value-added solution to corrosion prevention.”