PPG Appoints New Vice President

PPG has named Jeff Oravitz Vice President of PPG coatings services and President of PPG-MetoKote.

PPG announces that Jeff Oravitz, previously Chief Executive Officer of MetoKote, is appointed Vice President of PPG coatings services and President of PPG-MetoKote, reporting directly to Viktor Sekmakas, PPG Executive Vice President. PPG announced July 6 that it had completed its acquisition of MetoKote.

Oravitz joined MetoKote in 2005 as Vice President, and he was elected President and CEO in 2011. Prior to his tenure at MetoKote, he worked at PPG for 20 years in a variety of roles in several coatings businesses.

Oravitz will manage the PPG coatings services group, with more than 1,500 employees globally, from the PPG-MetoKote headquarters in Lima, OH. PPG-MetoKote applies coatings to customers’ manufactured parts and assembled products, providing coatings services on site within customer manufacturing locations, as well as at regional service centers throughout North America and Europe.

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