Revolution In Simulation Adds Digital Twins to List of Implementation Topics

The organization has added simulation-based Digital Twins which reflect the ongoing status/condition of products in use.


Revolution In Simulation (Rev-Sim), the industry collaboration and technology alliance created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, announces the addition of simulation-based Digital Twins to its growing lineup of implementation topics. Digital Twins reflect the ongoing status/condition of products in use. Correlating these continuously updated models to the actual in-field loadings and boundary conditions obtained from sensors allows Digital Twins to anticipate needed maintenance and predict the behavior of future proposed operational changes to the physical structures and systems represented in digital form. 

Read more about digital twins in the article "The Demand on Software."

Rev-Sim.Org Digital Twins Moderator Dr. Dennis Nagy, CAE Industry Veteran and Principal of Beyond CAE, comments, “Digital Twins ingredients have been around for a while, but their synergistic combination is just now bearing initial business fruit. As a result, related technologies and applications will see significant growth. Like all How it Works topics, The Digital Twins area of Rev-Sim.Org is quickly becoming industry’s go-to source for more in-depth background information and the latest relevant end-user enterprise and vendor case studies and success stories.”