Phoenix Integration Adds New Features to its Engineering Management Software

Phoenix Integration has added new features, such as a Google-like search capability, to its AnalysisLibrary engineering software.

Phoenix Integration, a provider of software for engineering automation, integration and design optimization, announces the addition of a more powerful search capability to its engineering file management solution, PHX AnalysisLibrary. PHX AnalysisLibrary is an engineering data repository and management tool especially well-suited to technical information. This enhancement extends existing capabilities to further improve engineering process efficiencies and effectiveness through online searching, sharing and collaboration.

PHX AnalysisLibrary provides small to mid-size companies with a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and easy-to-use simulation data management solution and larger companies with an engineering work-in-process solution. PHX AnalysisLibrary is data agnostic so it works with any data and process and publishes to any corporate-mandated environment to handle final data.

The new, Google-like search capability combs an engineering workgroup’s PHX AnalysisLibrary data repository and yields both text and image associated with a user’s search terms empowering engineers and organizations to better manage the massive amounts of data generated by engineering simulations. PHX AnalysisLibrary is web-based and Apple iPad-compatible, so engineers can search their data anytime and anywhere, then easily share search results with colleagues for improved online collaboration.

In the last year alone, PHX AnalysisLibrary technology has been successfully implemented by Boeing (BA), Lockheed Martin Company Corporation (LMT), John Deere (DE), U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Honeywell (HON), COM DEV International, Idaho National Laboratory, and the Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency.