Bosch Rexroth Introduces New Configuration Tool for Compact Hydraulic Products

CHoose, the new configuration tool for compact hydraulic products from Bosch Rexroth, enables vehicle manufacturers to customize hydraulic components and systems to fit their individual applications.

Ma14007 Rexroth C Hoose Screen
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CHoose is a new configuration tool for compact hydraulic products by Bosch Rexroth which accelerates the design process for machine manufacturers. The software program allows the user to configure a customized solution, for instance a hydraulic integrated circuit or a compact directional valve, in a very comfortable way: all it takes is to select the most suitable Rexroth components from the database, and integrate them directly in the circuit via “drag and drop.” The user can set detailed parameters such as pressure settings, coil voltages and connection types.

The layout of the desired individual solution can then be realized with components set in whatever position the customer requests. CHoose suggests a range of possible configurations in order to identify the best solution. Additionally, the software includes so-called “design tips.” This document supports the user in creating an accurate product configuration.

CHoose output formats are very flexible thanks to the 2D and 3D drawings that customers can easily open on their computers. Furthermore, the project parameters area allows the user to include commercial and technical details which are constantly checked by an error proof system. An extensive report includes all information necessary to have a complete overview of the final project.

The CHoose configuration tool currently covers Hydraulic Integrated Circuits and Compact Directional Valves. For the second half of 2013 it is planned to further increase the value for the user by adding the Rexroth product lines Compact Power Modules and Compact Motion Control Valves.