CHoose configurator for Compact Hydraulics

CHoose is a free configuration tool for customized Bosch Rexroth Compact Hydraulic solutions. CHoose accelerates the design process for machine OEMs and all appliers of hydraulic circuits.

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Bosch Rexroth offers CHoose, free software that allows the user to configure a unique hydraulic circuit and begin design work on a Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) manifold or Compact Directional Valve sectional assembly.

  • Operation is easy and intuitive: select Rexroth parts from component library, drag-and-drop directly into circuit, connect ports and valves to represent hydraulic functionality
  • Detailed specifications such as pressure settings, solenoid coil voltages, electrical connections and porting can all be selected by user through menu 
  • After a circuit concept is complete, the layout can be created within CHoose’s 3D design environment
  • Once a design is completed, CHoose provides several 2D and 3D export and print options so that its output can be used in other CAD or modeling software
  • Project Parameters allow core data relevant to the technical and commercial aspects of the project to be stored, modified and reported easily
  • Parameter data provides a degree of error checking in component selection to help user reduce mistakes and oversights
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