Siemens and EPLAN Synchronizing Parts Data for EPLAN Data Portal

Siemens and EPLAN are synchronizing updates of parts data in the EPLAN Data Portal to ensure users are always receiving standardized, up to date data.

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Siemens and EPLAN now are synchronizing updates of parts data available through the online EPLAN Data Portal, assuring users of the latter that the component datasets they import are identical in all respects to those on the Siemens Mall.

The EPLAN Data Portal is a unique online source of free device and component data for machinery and plant design. Downloads now exceed over one million datasets per month from a selection of 700,000 parts from 179 leading manufacturers that continues to grow.

Previously, data exchanges between Siemens and EPLAN, covering additions and updates, only took place once or twice a year. That sometimes led to confusion among users about discrepancies between listings on the two portals for basically the same items. To alleviate those concerns, Siemens and EPLAN now perform parallel updates of the Data Portal and Siemens Mall, and have standardized the selection structures of the individual articles. “The new process means our customers can be sure they are receiving standardized, up to date and high quality data every time – no matter from which source they select their products,” explains Stefan Domdey, Global Coordinator of the EPLAN Data Portal.

EPLAN users can import datasets directly from the embedded Data Portal right into their projects, ready to use, and not have to re-create that data manually. The portal provides essential data about the component which can include macros (essentially pre-engineered circuit schematics), dimensions, trade characteristics, connection and mounting properties, etc. that can be easily entered into the current design file with the click of a mouse or archived for future use.

Non-EPLAN users can access the Data Portal and get a DXF representation of electrical schematics, as well as commercial data and BOM information. Currently, 43 participating vendors provide over 100,000 datasets with DXF documentation,and that number is growing. The  commercial data and BOM information is available for every product on the EPLAN Data Porta as well.

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