Vector PREEvision 7.5 Model-Based Development Software

PREEvision 7.5 is the latest version of Vector's design software for model-based development of electric and electronic architectures.

PREEvision user interface showing component network with functional allocation.
PREEvision user interface showing component network with functional allocation.

PREEvision 7.5, by Vector CANtech, Inc., is an engineering tool for the design and optimization of electrical/electronic systems. 

  • Combines and unifies many data models and graphical interfaces that previously required using multiple tools
  • Delivers top-to-bottom E/E design environment
  • Enables fine-grained traceability from requirements to design elements and between design elements on different levels of functional and physical design layers
  • Provides customizable analysis engine for checking design consistency across design layers and design variants
  • Compares design alternatives based on key metrics like system cost, weight, software footprint and network bus traffic
  • For use early in development process with simple high-level conceptualization, automated synthesis of more detailed system designs and fast-turn analysis of design alternatives
  • Identifes optimal system design approaches as early as possible, analyzes change impact at systems level and delivers re-usable design models to downstream development activities 
  • Provides graphical design environments for many key process areas, including functional architecture design, component network design, wire harness design and more
  • Offers analytical and automation capabilities for key process areas such as product design variation, fine grain traceability, splice location, and more
  • Enables development of network communication for commercial vehicles according to SAE J1939
  • Features simplified model-based electrical/electronic systems when designing CAN FD networks according to SAE J1939
  • Supports J1939-based ISO Standard 11783 (ISOBUS) for communication between, for example, a tractor and its add-on
  • Project partners can easily exchange data using the associated import and export functions for DBC and AUTOSAR
  • Import and export portfolio has been expanded to include AUTOSAR 4.2.1
  • Communication descriptions for CAN FD can be exported in AUTOSAR format
  • Supports the AUTOSAR Admin Data and SDG concepts
  • "Reload" function allows users to describe and use the data relevant to them faster and more efficiently for processing large data quantities
  • Newly implemented change history supports collaboration in distributed teams
  • Change marking enables users to reliably recognize all changes in the model for quick and reliable evaluation of work on the data and tracking of a project's progress
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