ECU Interface Manager

dSPACE introduces its ECU Interface Manager which enables control engineers to accelerate ECU function development projects.

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The ECU Interface Manager from dSPACE helps simplify the workflow and accelerate ECU function development projects.

  • Enables control engineers to insert bypass hooks intuitively and quickly, directly into the compiled ECU hex code, for incremental ECU function development
  • Features easier, faster hex-code-based bypass service integration for on-target prototyping and external bypassing
  • No access to either source code or build environment of ECU software is required
  • Integrates bypass services and service calls, also known as bypass hooks
  • Supports internal bypassing (on-target prototyping), in which free RAM and flash memory areas in ECU are used to implement controller algorithms
  • Allows external bypassing as well as external bypassing for algorithms developed on external rapid prototyping system
  • Users can switch back and forth between these internal and external without having to modify controller model
  • Analyzes ECU hex code and associated ECU description file (A2L file)
  • Finds function calls, read/write accesses to ECU variables and conditional branches in ECU software
  • Using a configuration file, ECU supplier can specify which information will actually be displayed in
  • Detailed knowledge of ECU software not necessary
  • Generates new HEX file and new A2L file containing  bypass hooks at the push of a button
  • Currently available for ECUs with Infineon TriCore microcontrollers
  • Additional microcontroller families are planned to be supported in near future
  • All functions available for bypassing at a glance
  • Existing bypass services can be reused
  • Supports more processor families: Freescale MPC55xx and MPC56xx, ST Microelectronics SPC56 and Infineon AURIX 


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