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PowerFLOW 4.4 delivers a solution for simulating complex fluid flow problems built on unique and inherently transient Lattice Boltzmann technology

  • Simulations accurately predict real-world flow conditions without compromising geometric detail
  • Immersive grid technology allows for automatic fluid grid creation that captures all details of complex geometries
  • State-of-the-art Very Large Eddy Simulation (VLES) turbulence model and turbulent boundary layer models inherently capture the transient nature of fluid flows
  • Highly detailed models can be prepared from surface mesh files in less than an hour in PowerCASE; fully detailed simulations can run in only a few hours
  • Simulator scales in clustered environments up to hundreds of cores
  • Applications include: fan noise and performance; simulations for axial flow fans centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and cross flow fans; ability to analyze flow rates, noise generation, pressure rise; brake cooling; wheel aerodynamics; pumps, blowers, turbines, mixers and more

The complete PowerFLOW product suite includes PowerCASE for case setup, PowerFLOW server for automatic grid generation and flow solution, and PowerVIZ for analysis and visualization of results. Fully integrated coupled solvers are also available, including PowerCOOL for heat exchanger analysis and PowerTHERM for simulating conduction and radiation.

See more information here: http://www.exa.com/powerflow.html

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