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LMS International introduces LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 12, the latest version of its 3D engineering software.

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LMS International announces the release of LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 12, the latest version of its solution for 3D functional performance engineering.

  • Combines high accuracy with speed and a highly efficient process for structural integrity, multibody dynamics, noise and vibration, and durability
  • Integrates scalable solution for structural modeling and analysis with advanced model creation and manipulation tools to efficiently generate component, subsystem and full-system models
  • For multibody simulation, offers extended customization capabilities for template-driven simulation, a driving dynamics application and seamless integration of mechatronic sub-systems
  • Acoustics features include vibro-acoustic solvers, high performance aero-acoustic extensions and full frequency range analyses in cabins and rooms through Ray-Tracing technologies
  • Frequency-adaptive patent-pending FEMAO solver improves calculation speeds for acoustic simulation for low to high frequency applications and enables full-frequency pass-by-noise simulation to be achieved in hours rather than days
  • Allows simulation of seam welds more accurately and efficiently to ensure durability    
  • Includes customer-driven enhancements in the areas of generic assembly and solver pre- and post-processing
  • Also features focus on handling large crash models and SOL200 pre/post
  • LMS Virtual.Lab Composer supports drag-and-drop GUI creation for easy customization of industry-specific applications and streamlining multibody dynamics simulation process
  • Driving Dynamics GUI provides dedicated interface for all vehicle dynamics analysis
  • Driving Dynamics GUI incorporates fully parameterized subsystem templates to help users optimize vehicle subsystems for increased driving dynamics performance
  • Provides state-of-the-art co-simulation interfaces to LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim (typically for hydraulic, pneumatic or electric subsystem modeling) and Simulink (for controllers) 
  • Integrates comprehensive structural FEM solver for fully coupled vibro-acoustic analyses
  • Aero-acoustics capabilities for flow-induced noise applications have been enhanced, resulting in more efficiency and provides higher fidelity in conjunction with acoustic FEM solvers  
  • Ray-Acoustics solver extends into ATV technology to support high frequency acoustics
  • Running acoustic simulations up to the audible frequency range can be done more accurately and simpler  
  • LMS Virtual.Lab Durability supports more accurate and faster simulation of seam welds by allowing inclusion of size effects for seam welds and automatic identification of all typical seam weld topologies in an FE-mesh
  • Eliminates need for engineers to tediously model each seam weld connection manually and offers significant speedups for large welded assemblies
  • Includes more openness and an efficient-to-use and especially easy-to-customize driving dynamics
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