EDEM 2.6 Simulation Software

DEM Solutions introduces the latest version of its EDEM simulation software which features a programmable interface for bi-directional coupling with Multibody Dynamics simulation.

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DEM Solutions announces the release of EDEM 2.6 software with a programmable interface to enable bi-directional coupling with Multibody Dynamics (MBD) simulation.

  • Enhanced interfacing capability extends simulation environment for customers using other computer-aided-engineering (CAE) tools
  • Use of structural mechanics software such as FEA and MBD ensures OEMs acheive effective design of their equipment
  • MBD Interface assists design of machinery that handles or processes bulk materials, particularly where dynamic loading from bulk materials is important in the design of the equipment components and/or the hydraulic control system
  • Simulating interaction of equipment with material handled in real world conditions enhances capability of CAE tools and enables design of equipment with higher performance over equipment service life
  • Coupled DEM-MDB simulation helps reduce development costs and time-to-market by reducing reliance on field testing and use of empirical design rules when simulating transient loads from bulk materials
  • Allows coupling to structural FEA software through sharing of common surface meshes, enabling simulation of the structural dynamics of equipment subject to transient loading
  • Coupled models enable structural response to transient surface loads to be computed using both static or dynamic FEA models
  • MBD Interface provides dedicated, programmable interface that can be used to implement user-defined equipment kinematics or rigid-body dynamics models of equipment responding to dynamic loading from contacting bulk material
  • Extended FEA and MBD analysis include the effects of interaction of bulk materials
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