Comet Solutions Gearbox Durability SimApp

Comet Solutions' Gearbox Durability SimApp quickly and efficiently runs automated durability analysis of gearbox systems.

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Comet Solutions’ Gearbox Durability SimApp provide gearbox manufacturers the means to perform basic durability evaluations of various gearbox system designs. It was developed in cooperation with ADET (Advanced Drivetrain Engineering and Technology) and utilizing SMT (Smart Manufacturing Technology) MASTA. 

  • Provides automated processes integrating broad spectrum of tools frequently used throughout gearbox development including CAD, FEA, Multibody Dynamics, Gear/Bearing Simulation and CFD
  • Helps users predict and optimize performance in the areas of Acoustics/Vibration/Dynamics, Durability/Reliability, Efficiency, and for management of cost and weight 
  • Capable of quickly and efficiently running automated durability analysis of entire gearbox system by loading a specific duty-cycle into the application
  • Determines effects of housing, shaft and bearing deflections
  • Allows quick turn-around time regarding product capabilities


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