New dSPACE Simulation Tool Speeds Up Autonomous Vehicle Development

SIMPHERA is cloud-based to make it easier for teams to collaborate with one another and quickly iterate design changes.

dSPACE announces the launch of SIMPHERA, a simulation and validation solution for autonomous vehicles.

It is designed to enable quick and easy validation of computation-intensive autonomous driving functions.

SIMPHERA is a cloud- and web-based system which makes it easier for teams around the world to collaborate with one another and their customers.

The system is scalable, as well, which helps with the increasing demands required for development and testing of autonomous vehicles.

Three integrated components provide the tools necessary to ensure optimized designs throughout the development process.

“By providing this integrated solution, we not only accelerate development but also make it more efficient,” said Tino Schulze of dSPACE GmbH. 

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