AEM Discusses Workforce Challenges in Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Attracting and retaining employees continues to be a challenge for manufacturers in the off-road equipment industry.

Julie Davis, Workforce Development Director, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), notes one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers in the off-road equipment industry is attracting and retaining workers.

While the employment situation has changed in recent months due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, she notes the industry is still facing a high number of retirements and turnover rates. Poor industry perception is a concern for many, as well, and one of the reasons it can be difficult to attract new employees especially from younger generations.

Davis says organizations which expose younger generations to the off-road equipment industry, as well as the industry working to change perceptions can help to overcome these workforce challenges. AEM is also doing its part, and will be holding a virtual workforce summit to provide a forum for those in the equipment manufacturing industry an opportunity to discuss challenges and solutions for attracting and growing its workforce.