Phase Change Liquid Cooling Thermal Management System

Parker’s Phase Change Liquid Cooling System increases power density in hybrid and electric vehicles by up to 40%.

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Parker Hannifin Corporation introduces the Phase Change Liquid Cooling Thermal Management System for hybrid electric and full-electric vehicles. The cooling system allows vehicle manufacturers to increase the power density for high-power electronics by up to 40%, while offering a reduced footprint and decreased weight.

  • Maintenance-free technology works for high-heat-generating hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Uses vehicle's heat-generating electronics to boil vaporizable dielectric fluid (VDF) whose heat is then used to cool the vehicle's electronics
  • Use of VDF removes two to four times more heat from inverters, motors and battery stacks 
  • VDF eliminates inherent dangers of conductive fluids, such as water, that can damage sensitive electronics 
  • Utilizes latent heat transfer to cool high-power electronics, as heat loads increase, more fluid vaporizes, taking away additional heat and creating a self-optimizing system
  • Consistant cold plate temperature eliminates stack-up issues 
  • Isothermal nature reduces thermal cycling, increasing lifespan of vehicle’s electrical components and providing overload protection 
  • VDF’s high heat-transfer efficiency enables use of less fluid 
  • Minimizes footprint and decreases weight by requiring smaller line sets, pumps and lower pump rates



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