miniHybrid Thermal Management System

EMP's miniHybrid Thermal Management System consists of eight fans which help prevent engines from overheating.

EMP's miniHybrid Thermal Management System helps improve fuel economy, reduce emissions, improving safety by eliminating engine overheating, particulary in the harsh start-stop conditions experienced by mass transit buses.

  • Consists of eight fans
  • Well suited for retrofitting/refurbishment on existing transit fleets
  • Provides improved safety by elimination of hydraulic leaks or fires, and improved emissions
  • Offers fuel economy improvement up to 10%
  • Includes a curbside noise abatement feature
  • Electric fans eliminate need for hydraulic fan drive system
  • Reversible fans clean debris from radiator
  • Designed for full load cooling requirements
  • Includes long life, brushless, sensorless motors
  • CAN capable
  • Features a robust design
  • Corrosion and water resistant
  • Provides electronic control of coolant and CAC temperature
  • Step function controler
  • Runs on voltage of 24V DC with amperage of 400 amp max at 24V
  • Measures 51.00 in. w x 31.00 in. h x 11.00 in. deep, and weighs 100.0 lbs.