Visco Electronically-Controlled Coolant Pump

Behr's Visco technology for diesel engines offers heavy-truck fuel savings.

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Behr America introduces its electronically-controlled Visco cooling pump technology for diesel engines that promises fuel economy savings of up to 1% for heavy truck owners in North America based on an average engine power of 100 kW.

  • Reduces parasitic power losses
  • Varies coolant-pump speeds based on engine requirements and operating conditions
  • Covers variable-speed, fuel-saving air- and coolant-flow products by hydraulically isolating engine-input speeds and minimizing power consumption under high-speed operation and light-engine loads where maximum flow rates are not required
  • Pump’s control logic is embedded in an engine-control module
  • Energy is transferred hydraulically to an impeller; the amount of energy transfer depends on the amount of silicone oil in an operating chamber managed through a closed-loop control system
  • Fully variable-speed Visco clutch operation allows for precise coolant flow rates
  • Continuous impeller-speed feedback is the key to providing immediate coolant flow adjustments when required by engine conditions
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