Axial Fan with Brushless DC Electric Motor

Thermal Transfer Products' brushless DC fan is fully reversible and offers electrical efficiency of over 82%.

Ttplogoblue 10280689

Thermal Transfer Products now offers axial fans equipped with Brushless DC electric motors for oil cooling. 

  • Fully reversible and offers benefits for extended life including low current draw on start up, custom fan speed control and lower ambient noise
  • Provides greater than 82% electrical efficiency
  • Air mover is a high end performance fan blade designed for optimal fluid dynamic performance
  • Combining air mover with bar and plate aluminum core results in high level of airside performance while using minimal electrical load
  • Features high energy ferrite magnets and state-of-the-art sine wave sensor-less drive
  • Compliant with IP68/IP6K9K with fully sealed motors for operation in harsh environments
  • Protected from overtemperature, mechancial overload, load dump, undervoltage, overcurrent, and active reverse polarity
  • Includes PWM and analog input for continuous adjustment of fan speed
  • Noise dampers on shroud ensure low NVH
  • Features high resistance to vibration and mechanical stress
  • Includes electronic controls with on-board diagnostics
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to 298 F (148 C)
  • Power and control electroincs are integrated and separated within sealed motor to ensure operation at lower surface temperature levels, as well as long life and increased reliability
  • Double-sealed ball bearing design guarantees product life over 30,000 hours in most operating conditions
  • Protected against mud, sand, dust, water, saline fog and chemicals


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