Arctic Waterless Coolant

Evans Cooling has introduced its Arctic waterless coolant designed for use in environments as cold as -60 F.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Logo 5 27 2010

Evans Cooling Systems Inc. announces the availability of its Arctic waterless coolant in gallon-size containers. 

  • Designed specifically for use in environments as cold as -60 F
  • Solidifies at temperatures below -60 F, but will not damage radiator tubes or cause blocks to crack because it shrinks when it changes state  
  • Features large separation between operating temperature of coolant and its high boiling point (375 F)
  • Vapor does not form in the coolant jacket as it can with water-based coolants
  • Metal surfaces are always in contact with liquid coolant, so metal temperatures are always under control
  • Helps lower maintenance costs, improve performance and reliability, and offer protection against corrosion and electrolysis 
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