Brazed Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers

Alfa Laval introduces its line of brazed shell-and-tube heat exchangers which offer a high efficiency cooling solution for high pressure and high temperature applications.

Alfalavalbrazedshellandtube 10692528

The brazed shell-and-tube heat exchanger from Alfa Laval is a rugged, highly efficient cooling solution designed for high pressure and high temperature applications.

  • Can be customized to fit specific customer requirements
  • Provides maximum efficiency
  • Able to withstand high flow rates while offering a low-pressure drop
  • Manufactured with non-ferrous materials
  • Reduces thermal expansion problems as the shell and tube are constructed of similar material and expand at the same rate
  • Well suited for applications with varying gas and liquid flow rates
  • Shell-side oil velocity can be changed by changing quantity and percentage cut of the baffles to optimize flow and velocity
  • Adjusting number of multi-tube passes changes tube-side velocity (tube-side liquid)
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