EcoTough Coated Diesel Pistons

Federal Mogul announces the release of its EcoTough Coated Diesel pistons, designed to reduce friction up to 13%.

A scanning electron microscope image of the new EcoTough coating.
A scanning electron microscope image of the new EcoTough coating.
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Federal-Mogul Corporation has developed a coated diesel piston, known as the EcoTough Coated Diesel piston, that reduces frictional losses in both light- and heavy-duty engine applications.

  • Improves fuel economy, CO2 emissions, noise and refinement
  • Reduces friction by up to 13%, compared with conventional graphite coatings
  • Features high wear resistance
  • Wear resistance can be used in design process to increase piston skirt clearance, further reducing friction and fuel consumption without compromising NVH and engine durability
  • Meets requirements of highly loaded diesel engines
  • Uses solid lubricants, including graphite and a carbon fiber reinforced polymer base to provide lower friction, higher scuff resistance and improved wear resistance
  • Delivers the specified thickness necessary to ensure increased skirt clearance allows no lateral movement of the piston, which would otherwise compromise NVH
  • Compatible with existing and advanced cylinder bore finishes and can be introduced in volume engine production as a running change
  • Meets the most stringent environmental standards and contains no toxic solvents
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