AMETEK DurA-Tek Prime Coolant Circulation Pump

The AMETEK DurA-Tek Prime coolant circulation pump features a brushless, seal-less design for leak-proof protection and durability in harsh operating conditions.

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The DurA-Tek Prime coolant circulation pump from AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions features a magnetically coupled, brushless, seal-less design that eliminates leaks to enhance pump reliability and durability.

  • Designed for the school transportation industry
  • Delivers 40,000 hours of service life
  • Features include brushless, seal-less motor technology and plug-n-play mounting and connectivity for most applications
  • Utilizes components typically found in heavy-duty transit applications to ensure durability
  • Brushless, seal-less design offers leak-proof protection and capability to resist harsh environmental conditions, such as hot-water spray, salt, fog, shock and vibration
  • Magnetically couples to its brushless DC motor without a wet seal to wear or replace
  • Coupling method also allows for easy motor removal without requiring system draining
  • Electronically commutated brushless motor features high efficiency and low current draw
  • Provides virtually maintenance-free operation, eliminating brush maintenance and associated brush motor failure
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