Jacobs HPD Engine Brake

The HPD Engine Brake from Jacobs Vehicle Systems offers one-and-a-half times the braking performance of traditional compression release brakes.

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Jacobs Vehicle Systems has launched its High Power Density (HPD) Engine Brake to vehicle and engine OEMs in Europe.

  • Features one-and-a-half times the braking performance of traditional compression release brakes over engine’s entire operating range and more than two times the braking performance at lower rpm (the same retardation at 1,400 rpm as at 2,100 rpm previously)
  • Delivers 2,000 Nm of retarding torque at 1,300 rpm and beyond, and 611 kW power at 2,500 rpm in a 13-L engine
  • Provides large engine displacement retarding power in small and medium displacement diesel and natural gas engines
  • Quiet in operation by being fully integrated into engine’s overhead design
  • Assists with exhaust aftertreatment thermal management by preventing catalyst from cooling during descents
  • Transforms four stroke engine into two stroke compression device by deactivating main intake and exhaust valve events and supplementing with two stroke valve events
  • Achieves two braking events per cam rotation whereas conventional engine brake has one compression release and one brake gas recirculation event per cam rotation
  • Fully variable with controlled boost modulation which allows driver to achieve right balance between retardation, speed and efficiency
  • Uses standard, proven technology components to provide cost advantage


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