Thermamax Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation System

The Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation system from Thermamax reduces heat loss and features a stainless steel construction for durability.

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Thermamax has developed the Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation for connection points in engine compartments and exhaust lines.


  • Enables systems to be insulated, resulting in increased safety and overall efficiency
  • Reduces heat loss, providing better operating parameters for exhaust aftertreatment system
  • Consists of outer shell in stainless steel, insulated internally with a shaped insulating liner
  • Depending on customer requirements, insulation is available with different Tmax-Insulation-Inlays and two different types of fixing systems
  • Available with conventional screwed connection or new Tmax-TwistTec fixing system  
  • Tmax-TwistTec operates like “sardine can” by using specially provided ring positioned onto Tmax-V-Band Clamp Insulation and winds out to ensure effective insulation at the connection point
  • Tmax-TwistTec needs no additional fixing elements, ensuring simple, quick installation
  • Robust, stainless steel construction protects insulation from water spray, radiated heat, and stone impact, and ensures total protection from any leaks in exhaust system
  • Can be specified with Tmax-DryTec water-resistant insulation material, ensuring no ingress of water spray into system



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