850 Series Tier 4 Engines

Perkins' 850 Series engines deliver increased power and torque while meeting Tier 4 emission regulations.

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Perkins’ 850 Series opens up numerous possibilities for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Its compact size, increased power density, improved torque and low running costs make the 850 Series a viable option for both OEMs and end users.

  • Two models available, providing a total power range of 45kW (60 hp) and 86 kW (115 hp) on a single engine platform
  • 854E is a turbocharged, charge cooled unit operating over 56kW (75 hp) and meeting Tier 4 Interim / Stage IIIB regulations
  • Turbocharged 854F unit operates below 56kW (75 hp) and is already Tier 4 Final compliant
  • Utilizes common rail fuel injection system, smart waste-gated turbocharger and aftercooler, all regulated by full authority electronic controls
  • Provides 40% increase in power and up to 60% more torque 
  • Aftertreatment unit can be mounted in a variety of locations for flexibility
  • A 3.4 liter unit doing work of a 4.5 liter engine
  • 854E uses high temperature regeneration system that injects additional fuel to burn off soot in particulate filter
  • 854F offers low temperature system that is entirely service free
  • Service-saving features include hydraulic tappets, multi-vee belts and service-free closed circuit breathers
  • Applications include construction, materials handling and agriculture 


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