DEUTZ keeps its EU Stage V promise

DEUTZ is the world’s first engine manufacturer to be given an EU Stage V certificate.

DEUTZ TCD 13.5 liter
DEUTZ TCD 13.5 liter
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Between 12 and 18 November 2017, DEUTZ will be showcasing its agricultural machinery expertise at Agritechnica in Hannover. The engine manufacturer is taking part in the specialist Systems & Components forum and will be based at stand D19 in hall 16. Every two years, some 2,400 exhibitors from more than 50 countries gather at Agritechnica, the leading international trade fair for agricultural machinery, components and services. 

This year, DEUTZ has a particularly exciting item to reveal. Under the banner ‘Our Promise - Your Flexibility,' DEUTZ is keeping the promise it made about the EU Stage V exhaust emissions standard, which comes into force in 2019. DEUTZ is the world’s first engine manufacturer to be given an EU Stage V certificate. The DEUTZ ‘Stage V ready’ engines, established back in 2015, have now become the ‘Stage V certified’ line. 

Deutz Ttcd 6 1 CertifiedInitial certification has been awarded to the DEUTZ TTCD 6.1 diesel engine; the TCD 3.6 /  4.1 / 6.1 / 7.8 and TTCD 7.8 models are to follow by November 2017 – just in time for Agritechnica. Changing from the current EU Stage IV to Stage V requires no additional installation space, thus avoiding expensive modifications to customers’ equipment. This provides DEUTZ customers with planning certainty and flexibility when integrating engines into their machinery. By obtaining the first EU Stage V certificate, DEUTZ is also delivering on its environmental promise and positioning itself as an engine manufacturer with an ecofriendly focus. 

In addition to its well-proven and now certified product range, DEUTZ will also be  presenting its new family of large engines in the 9 to 18 litre cubic capacity range in Hannover; these will go into series production from 2019 and be used for heavy-duty off-highway applications. The TCD 9.0 four-cylinder engine delivers 300 kW of power and generates 1,700 Nm of torque. The TCD 12.0 and 13.5 are six-cylinder engines producing, respectively, 400 kW of power and 2,500 Nm of torque, and 450 kW of power and 2,800 Nm of torque. The biggest engine, the TCD 18.0 six-cylinder, delivers 620 kW of power and generates 3,600 Nm of torque. By introducing the new engines, DEUTZ is extending the upper power output range so as to specifically cover further applications. 

Two more engines will extend the lower end of the power range. The agricultural machinery  version of the DEUTZ TCD 2.2 three-cylinder will be exhibited at Agritechnica for the first time, featuring an integral oil sump that makes it suitable for installing in tractors. Thanks to its compact configuration, it is the ideal engine for small tractors. Moreover, its big brother – the four-cylinder TCD 2.9 – will be making its first appearance as a high power variant for agricultural machinery in Hannover with a power output of up to 80 kW. DEUTZ TCD 13.5 literDEUTZ TCD 13.5 liter

Reflecting the official slogan of Agritechnica’s Systems & Components forum, ‘Stay  Connected’, DEUTZ will also be presenting two digital products. The free ‘DEUTZ Connect’ service app marks the start of a completely new digital service. Firstly, engine diagnostics will be carried out remotely via smartphone or tablet in future. Data exchange will take place via a Bluetooth interface; this will only need a small receiver to be fitted to the engine. Other functions will be gradually added. This new app approach will be on public display for  the first time at Agritechnica. 

DEUTZ’s new webshop ( will see the DEUTZ service network  moving onto the internet. Customers anywhere in the world will be able to get in touch with their local service partner online to register their engines and to buy spare parts online 24/7. This platform-based system combines the benefits of the World Wide Web – unlimited availability round the clock – with the strengths offered by an expert local aftersales service. The provision of aftersales support and parts delivery will remain in the hands of the local DEUTZ partner close to the customer. Delivery times will be minimized and the most efficient support provided. 

“For us, Agritechnica represents the most important platform for engaging with our partners  in the agricultural machinery segment,” says Michael Wellenzohn, member of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG with responsibility for sales, service and marketing. “This year, we are delighted to be presenting several exciting topics. Being awarded the world’s first Stage V certificate provides our customers with certainty at an early stage and emphasizes our technological lead in exhaust aftertreatment. At the same time, we are adding to our product range at both ends of the power output scale and digitizing our service provision.”