Scania DC13 166 13-L Engine

The DC13 166 offers fuel savings of up to 2% and is suited for weight-sensitive applications where solid power is crucial.

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Scania’s range of 13-L engines is now complemented by a 540 hp (402.7 kW) version, the DC13 166. 

  • Primarily intended for applications and customers where lots of power and drivability are in demand while weight sensitivity or limitations such as front-axle loads hinder use of slightly heavier V8 engines
  • Shares most of its technology with 500 hp (372.9 kW) sibling, like a robust fixed geometry turbo unit with ball bearings instead of journal bearings 
  • Paired with relevant gearing, this engine will work equally well for a timber truck or for ‘tulip express’
  • Offers good fuel performance 
  • Features only SCR for exhaust aftertreatment 
  • Enables 2,700 Nm (1,991.4 lb.-ft.) to be achieved from 1,000 rpm, allowing for everything between fast gearing and low revs to excellent startability via hub reduction axles in forestry applications 

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