Perkins Hybrid-Electric Engine

The Perkins hybrid-electric engine incorporates an electric machine and battery within the engine system capable of capturing and reusing energy.

Perkins Electric Hybrid Engine
Perkinslo 10108214

The Perkins hybrid-electric engine offers the potential to lower running costs and reduce emissions in a wide range of machines across a power range of 6- 597 kW (8-800 hp). 

  • Incorporates an electric machine and battery within engine system
  • Electric system can recover energy and store it within battery as machine brakes
  • Battery can supply energy back into engine via a motor to provide additional power when required
  • Enabling hybrid recovery and storage to take place within engine system ensures simple-to-integrate solution for OEMs

Read the article "Powertrain Optimization via Mixed Technologies" to learn more about the Perkins hybrid solutions and the trend toward engine electrification and hybridization.

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