New Inline Engine Platform

Scania’s next generation inline engine platform has high power density, a significantly increased lifespan and major carbon-dioxide-emission improvement.

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The enhanced gas exchange system, reduced internal friction, and increased turbocharger efficiency have a positive impact on the fuel-efficiency. For the 13-liter engine, this means up to 7% improvement in fuel consumption compared to the current generation at the same power output. That translates to 4 liters of diesel saved per engine hour at full load. The platform carries the performance and reliability that customers are used to from Scania, but with added carbon-dioxide-emission reductions.

The13-liter engine has a power range of 368 kW to 450 kW and delivers up to 11% more power and 21% more torque than the current generation. The 11-liter engine has a power range of 202 kW to 368 kW.

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