Emission Challenges: Reflections on GHG, OBD and Criteria Pollutants

The 6th International CTI Conference Emission Challenges will take place in Troy, MI.

September 21, 2015
September 23, 2015

The 6th CTI Conference Emission Challenges: Reflections on GHG, OBD and Criteria Pollutants will bring together international experts and decision makers to discuss recent topics and developments concerning emissions reduction.

Speakers will include those from regulatory agencies, OEMs, component suppliers, universities, national laboratories and more. During the course of the conference there will e a review of the latest regulatory trends and technology innovations geared towards reducing emissions through engine and exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Topics of focus include: 

  • California Regulations: Impacting Developments in Light and Heavy Duty
  • Modern Combustion Developments and their Impact on Emissions
  • Heavy Duty Systems: More Complex Systems, or More Simplifi cations?
  • Light Duty Diesel: More Solutions to meet SULEV
  • Engine Lubricants: Friction, Emissions and Fuel Economy
  • On-Board Diagnostics, Fuel-Economy in Heavy Duty Systems
  • NOx Reduction: New Advances in Ammonia Injection and Vanadia SCR

Submissions are currently being accepted for paper topics and presentations; paper applications are due by April 30 and presentation submissions by August 28. 

An introductory seminar will take place on September 21.

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