ALFDEX and PureVent

PureVent from Alfa Laval removes oil and particles from crankcase gases up to 99.5%.

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PureVent from Alfa Laval is a disc stack separator that effectively removes oil and particles from crankcase gases up to 99.5%, while further reducing engine emissions.

  • Utilizes high-speed centrifugal separation
  • Crankcase gas enters at bottom of the separator, then passes through the stack of composite discs
  • Centrifugal force presses the oil and soot out between the discs
  • Results in virtually oil-free air which can be released into the atmosphere
  • Two installation options: open design for diesel engines releasing oil-free crankcase gas directly into the atmosphere, or closed design for gas engines re-circulating clean gas to the turbocharger
  • Eliminates costly filters and related disposal costs
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