Baldwin EnduraCube Air Filters

The EnduraCube air filters feature a multi-layered, synthetic media trap which holds more dirt per square inch.

Baldwin Endura Cube
Baldwinfilters 10055071

Baldwin Filters, a Parker Hannifin brand, recently introduced its line of EnduraCube air filters.

  • Features new depth-loading media technology
  • Delivers outstanding durability, efficiency and capacity in revolutionary, patent-pending design 
  • Multi-layered, synthetic media trap holds more dirt per square inch
  • Enhanced media technology provides higher initial efficiency and is water resistant, ensuring tears and holes do not develop when exposed to water
  • The EnduraCube design features:
  • Stronger, more stable media pack with one continuous media web eliminates possible leak paths common in stacked paper media
  • Durable, rigid plastic frame and end caps adds structural strength and stability to the media
  • Protective panels reduce the risk of rips, tears and punctures
  • Withstands tough conditions
  • Does not tear or separate from air pressure, vehicle vibration or high temperatures
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