Extreme Performance ProTura Nanofiber Air Filters

Baldwin Filters announces the release of its Extreme Performance filters featuring ProTura nanofiber technology.

Baldwinfilters Nanofiberfilter 10826029
Baldwinfilters 10055071

Baldwin Filters has released the line of Extreme Performance heavy-duty air filters featuring the company’s patented ProTura nanofiber technology.

  • Fits common agricultural, mining and construction applications
  • Features fibers with an average diameter of 90 nm (a nanometer is one billionth of a meter)
  • Ultra fine fibers bonded to cellulose media remove submicron contaminants
  • Captures higher amounts of submicron contaminants, providing better engine protection and longer filter service life
  • Fine contaminants load onto ProTura nanofiber media surface, resulting in higher initial contaminant removal efficiency and lower flow restriction
  • Submicron particles cake on surface of media then fall to bottom of housing where contaminants can be removed by dust ejector, increasing filter’s contaminant removal capacity
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