turbo 390 High-Efficiency Precleaner

turbo Filtration introduces the turbo 390 precleaner which offers greater than 80% serparation efficiency.

Turbofiltration Turbo390 11297866

turbo Filtration introduces the turbo 390 which is the fifth precleaner in the turbo III line of precleaners for heavy-duty equipment. 

  • Meets performance needs of machines requiring airflow between 300 and 700 cfm 
  • Employs a straight-through air flow path to prevent possible restriction or loss of engine power
  • Features impact-resistant, glass-filled nylon construction which is weather and rust proof
  • Includes heavy-duty bearings that are shielded from contaminants and designed to be maintenance free
  • Delivers more than 80% separation efficiency
  • Able to remove particulate smaller 1 micron
  • Removes vast majority of dust before it even gets to air filter, enabling air filter elements to last longer between change outs for time and money savings
  • Available in a 5-inch, 6-inch and 7-inch base size
  • Accommodates numerous engine/inlet sizes and a wide variety of machine applications
  • Meets ISO 5011 standards
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