777R Series Fuel Filter/Water Separator/Heater

The FTG 777R Series fuel filter/water separator/heater uses a three-stage process to remove contaminants from fuel and heat it before it enters the engine.


The 777R Series from FTG Inc. is a complete fuel filtration/water separation/heating system that removes contaminants from fuel and adds heat using a three-stage process.

  • Stage one of the process moves fuel through a centrifuge to spin off large solids and water droplets which are heavier than fuel and fall to the bottom of a collection bowl
  • During stage two Aquabloc II cartridge elements repel water and remove contaminants from fuel down to 2 micron
  • Aquabloc elements are waterproof
  • Stage three heats the fuel using engine coolant or return fuel, enabling clean, dry and warm fuel to pass into the engine
  • Features a fuel primer port, internal thermostat and heavy-duty integrated mounting bracket
  • Includes Aquabloc II cartidge element of 2, 10 or 30 micron
  • Internal check valve prevents loss of prime
  • Optional 12V DC contaminant drain available
  • Features reusable, see-through collection bowl, as well as see-through dome for element service indication
  • Biodiesel compatible
  • Includes self-venting water and contaminant drain
  • Option to include in-bowl water detection probe and vacuum gauge kit


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