ICF Diesel Coalescing Filter

The ICF diesel coalescing filter from Schroeder Industries uses three-phase particulate and fuel/water separation media to remove water and particulates from ULSD and biodiesel fuels.

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Schroeder Industries announce the release of the second generation ICF (16 gpm) diesel coalescing filter.

  • Consists of patent-pending, three-phase particulate and fuel/water separation media technology
  • Removes water from ULSD and biodiesel fuels stored in bulk fuel tanks
  • For use in single-pass fuel-dispensing or multi-pass reservoir clean-up and continuous maintenance
  • Protects Tier 3 and Tier 4 engine components against failures caused by particulate and water transferred from bulk fuel tanks to the vehicle
  • Allows users to achieve or exceed the particulate and water removal specifications of the injection systems OEMs


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