Bulk Fuel and Lube Filters

Donaldson's line of bulk fuel and lube filtraters cleans, protects and polishes fluids.

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Donaldson Company, a worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, is announces the introduction of a product line focused on the filtration of bulk fuels and lubrication fluids. The Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration line incorporates technology designed to clean, protect, and polish fuels and oils prior to use in vehicles and equipment.

  • Utilizes media designed to provide high filtration efficiencies in a single pass
  • Media incorporates Electrostatic Reduction Technology to prevent electrostatic charges from being built across the filter media
  • 4um filter is compatible with all fuels – diesel, bio-diesel (from B0 – B100), gasoline, ethanol 
  • Available in modular and custom designs to meet variable flow rates and viscosities with minimal pressure drop
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