Velcon Contaminant Analyzer for Diesel

Velcon introduces its VCA-D, a diesel fuel contaminant analyzer which provides real-time detection of water and particulate contaminants.

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Velcon has developed a full-flow diesel fuel contaminant analyzer, known as the Velcon Contaminant Analyzer for Diesel (VCA-D), which is being unveiled at MINExpo.

  • Provides accurate real-time detection of water and particulate contaminants in diesel delivery systems
  • Constantly monitors fuel quality using a patented laser sensing device
  • Helps ensure fuel quality meets ISO 4406 Cleanliness Standards specified by equipment manufacturers
  • Mounts within a fuel delivery system to provide a true representation of the pipeline contents
  • Analyzes fuel at flow rates higher than 1,000 gallons per minute through a 4 in. pipeline
  • Uses two separate sensor technologies to consistently differentiate between water and solid contaminants
  • Analyzes contents of flowing fuel in a pipeline approximately 600 times a second, and outputs an averaged result every two seconds in mg/l, ppm and representative ISO 4406 codes
  • Laser sensing device simultaneously detects solid particulate and water contaminate within fuel
  • In presence of wet and particulate contaminated fuel, VCA can initiate halting of fueling operation and alert the operator, assuring that only clean-dry fuel reaches the equipment
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