Highline Technical Innovations' Intelligent Hydrogen Systems Now Available for All Diesel Engines

Highline Technical Innovations has expanded the marketplace for its Intelligent Hydrogen Systems to include all industries using diesel engines.

Originally designed for use in marine and agriclutural industries, Highline Technical Innovations Inc. says its HY-Impact line of Intelligent Hydrogen Systems will now be available for all industries utilizing diesel engines. 

The system can help increase fuel economy between 9 and 23%, as well as reduce the use of diesel  exhaust fluid up to 40%. On top of this, the system offers the benefit of low power consumption as it runs on 3 amps of power. 

What sets HY-Impact apart is the fact that it doesn't use hydrogen as a fuel, but rather as a catalyste to help burn fuel more completely. 

To support its further distribution of the system, Highline Technical Innovations merged with Alternative Hydrogen Systems Group Sales & Marketing to form Alternative Hydrogen Solutions.

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