Engine range meets emission legislations

New Scania power gen engines meet Stage IIIA regs.

The power generation engine range is now uprated with improved step-load performance, increased swept volume and 25% longer service intervals, giving customers excellent operating economy and performance.

The engines can be delivered to customers fitted with a cooling package, making installation faster and easier.

“The new range of engines has been developed for the specific needs that power generation customers are looking for – high quality, high power– and high step-load capacity, low fuel consumption and good serviceability,” says Mikael Lindner, sales director, power generation engines, Scania.

The engine range consists of a 9-, 13- and 16-liter engine for prime power up to 550/607 kVA, 50/60Hz or for standby power up to 636/702 kVA, 50/60Hz. The new power generation engine range meets the Stage IIIA emission legislations with Scania's EGR system.

“Scania’s strong position as an engine manufacturer in all its market segments is based on advanced technology combined with close interaction with customers and readily available parts and service,” says Robert Sobocki, denior vice president, Scania Engines. “Scania always strives to build long-term relationships with OEM manufacturers. They can count on products that will remain at the leading edge of technology and enjoy the security of solid market support.

Scania's modular design means that fewer components are needed to build a comprehensive range of engines. This facilitates servicing, parts supply and network training, as well as the setting up of new facilities. Carefully chosen materials and processes ensure high product quality, which also means that the consumption of energy and raw materials will be lower. This leads to lower environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the engine.

Scania is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses as well as industrial and marine engines. Every year Scania builds more than 80,000 engines, which are are found in truck, bus, industrial and marine operation, as well as in power generation.