Production Milestone for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines on the Horizon

By the end of 2011, a production milestone could be reached with the production of the world's 200 millionth reciprocating internal combustion engine.

Remember all the excitement around the millennium? The global engine industry could be looking at another monumental milestone! Power Systems Research notes that worldwide production of reciprocating internal combustion engines is approaching an all-time record exceeding 200 million units for the first time in history. These types of engines power everything from weed wackers and chainsaws to power plants and ships at sea.

Analysts at Power Systems Research have been tracking worldwide engine production for more than 35 years from offices around the world. Production rates and schedules for all engine plants are monitored through a complex model created by Power Systems Research over the years.  The forecast of production included in the company’s EnginLink database calls for engine production to exceed 200 million for calendar year 2011 and it appears, according to the “Engine Production-O-Meter,” on the company’s website that the 200 million mark may fall by yearend. Slowing production schedules over the yearend holiday may mean that the industry could fall short but bleary eyed Power Systems Research analysts will be keeping their eye on the count as the New Year approaches. Insomniacs and bored industry watchers can check it out 24 hours a day on the Power Systems Research website.